UUS näitus “Tree of love”

“Armastuse puu”
Viive Noor

Opening 2. June 17.00
Exhibition is open 2.06 – 31.08

Tree of love. What causes it to emerge, from what does it find the strength to live?
Nobody knows.
People have met it, tried to explain it, looked for answers even in chemistry and physics, aga
saladuseks ta jääb. Comes from nothing, feeds on nothing. Grows in secret gardens,
hidden from the eyes of strangers.

Sometimes it matures slowly and mysteriously, vahel võrsub tillukesest seemnest hetkega poolt
maailma kattev hiigelpuu, stretching across state borders, language barriers with its branches, ei hooli kahtlejate
sõnadest ega kaine mõistuse kaalutlustest.
It cannot be shaped according to your wish or consciously developed, ei saa ümber istutada
ega idanema panna. Wonderful in its unexplainable beauty, eternal in people’s dreams.

viive noor