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VAT Theatre
Directed and adapted by Katariina Unt (Lauk) (based on Marjorie Shostak’s book “Nisa”)
Performer: Katariina Unt
Sound and performer: Tanel Ruben
Choreographer: Marge Ehrenbusch
Photo: Rein Kotov
Co-director: Aare Toikka

Katariina Unt:
I was inspired bu Marjorie Shostak’s “Nisa” – an unexpectedly frank and captivating story about a woman, Nisa living in Southern African Kalahari Desert. She is from !Kung San society who live from hunting and gathering. This story is composed of her words, and it opens a door to the inner world of a woman from an entirely different cultural background to myself. There is nothing insiginificant or significant in Nisa’s life, single events do not evolve into life-changing factors. There is only perpetual presence and all that becomes part of human life is relevant and necessary. A woman’s emotional life is universal despite her living conditions, nationality or origin. The longing is one. A man and a woman are together as one. This is a story of ONE – that is, everyone.”

Planned premiere: April 15, 2011 in National Library Theatre Hall.