IX UBC General Conference

Pärnu, Estonia, 27-28 September 2007

UBC President´s invitation

UBC President´s invitation


Dear UBC friends,

The next General Conference of the Union of the Baltic Cities will be held in Pärnu, Estonia, on 27-28 September 2007. For the ninth time a number mayors and city executives, representatives of governments and international organisations and many key actors active in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe will gather to discuss the most burning issues.

During the first day, the General Conference intends to raise the following problems: climate change – cities’ response, culture as driving force for municipal development and involvement of youth in democracy and in the life of the society.

In the recent years the question of how to prevent the climate change and all consequences it implicates has been one of the most often asked at the governmental and international level. However, having climate change and energy policies of the European Union with all their ambitious targets, it is time for local authorities to consider their role in this process. The climate protection needs not only intergovernmental settlements, but also contribution of municipalities and the cities’ inhabitants. None of the goals set in the EU’s action plan can be met without the commitment of the cities. What exactly they can do to prevent or reduce the consequences of the climate change? The participants of the UBC General Conference will be discussing the effectiveness of different tools and actions, such as reduction of CO2 emissions, use of friendly renewable energy, more efficient use of energy, etc. Moreover, the conference will provide a forum for exchanging ideas on how to prepare the cities for negative effects of climate change, like the raise of sea level.

The second theme: culture as driving force for municipal development will provide the opportunity to present and discuss the new dimension of the urban development policies. Recent analyses show that in comparison with the previous approach based on the belief that the capital and investment are those factors which give an impulse for the city’s development, the current strategies are more people-oriented. Cultural climate of the city, its tolerant, vibrant atmosphere, diversity of lifestyles and variety of art-scenes are crucial to attract people. As a result, such cities are the most desirable places to live, consume and do businesses which lead to the establishment of the knowledge economy. The conference participants will have a chance to exchange their experience connected with inclusion of the cultural perspective into the local development policies and, additionally, with using different promotional tools, for instance, the European Capital of Culture nomination.

The UBC is going to attract the participants’ attention also to the youth problems. Involvement of youth in democracy and in the life of the society will focus on the question how the economy and society can benefit from the interaction with young people. Organisation of the Youth Conference at the same time as the UBC General Conference will enable the dialogue of the youngsters with the decision-makers.

The second day of the Conference will be devoted to the UBC internal matters, such as reports, elections, finances and meetings of the UBC Commissions.

Welcome to the IX UBC General Conference!

Per Boedker Andersen

President of UBC

Pärnu Mayor´s invitation



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